From my love to the kitchen, a great passion that brought me to be a chef, birth a range of handmade products, simple and naturals.

Philosophy of the production


From gastronomy to the fresh pasta, from sauce to the in oil, from the cakes to the fruit’s nectars and to the jams, all our production be born from the passion to the kitchen and the use of genuine ingredient and accurately selected.


We personalize our recipes to render each product the only one and healthy: so we decided to use in our jam only sugar cane, an ingredient less refined, but more natural, to cook fresh vegetables in sauces, to use to pizzoccheri three selected mixtures of buckwheat and to produce directly in our farm the little fruits to tarts, nectars and jams.

Peculiar cure

Gastroval’s production happens throught a production cycle characterized by a careful raw materials’ care and handicraft. Only, it needs improvement, we avail ourselves of machinery. In particular we don’t use preservatives, but we package all our products in modified atmosphere, a technique that allows to the product to have a shelf life more prolonged. Also all our fresh products are proposed in sealed packages to guarantee the maximum of hygiene to final consumer and avoid possible alterations and contamination of food.

About us

Bring the professionalism and kitchen’s enthusiasm of a young chef to the people’s table. Realize genuine recipes and give to the clients the possibility of taste when they decide easily at their home.
This was my dream and to follow it I created Gastroval.